Passive Operation And Maintenance Telecom Tower – System Infra Solutions

Passive Operation And Maintenance Telecom Tower

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are targeted ‘Total Care’ solutions, that is, complete maintenance management responsibility for our client’s communication systems on a 24X7 basis.Our superior management, experienced resources and fast, flexible response to changing and challenging circumstances ensure that client’s network operates continuously and reliably. We offer a full suite of services including contractual repairs as well as corrective, preventive, proactive and designed maintenance.

Our teams are project-specific and are well trained in specific skills required for O&M in the telecom industry.

    1. Work Scope Includes
      1. Project management as per client’s passive infrastructure needs.
      2. Operation and maintenance (O & M) of cell sites.
      3. Solar Energy System for telecom towers.
      4. Security at towers.
    2. Project Management
    1. As a company we have an experienced project management team which can manage all the activity of a given project right from preparing a detailed BOQ/BOS through selection of vendors, to execute a project & document to the entire operation. This enables our client to reduce the manpower cost which is required at the initial phase of project.

We can resource, organize & execute a specific project with an experienced team at a very short notice.

Our team is capable of doing

  1. Site survey
  2. Site engineering
  3. Preparation of bill of quantities & bill of service
  4. Quality check on all items used in the project at site
  5. Monitoring all the activity on daily basis & reporting through an MIS
  6. Liaison with the state electricity board for obtaining required power
  7. Provision of security at site
  8. Project documentation
  • Operation and Maintenance

Our passive maintenance services for the telecom cell site includes

    1. Comprehensive maintenance
    2. Non-comprehensive maintenance
    3. Diesel filling & EB payment

We provide preventive, corrective, routine & breakdown maintenance including diesel filling in all the sites.

  • Maintenance of electrical equipment’s in cell sites, scope broadly covers below mentioned telecom infrastructure
    1. Diesel generator engine.
    2. Power plant.
    3. PMU (power management unit).
    4. Fire alarm system.
    5. Battery bank.
    6. Integrated panel.
    7. Air conditioner units.
    8. Shelters.
    9. Servo stabilizers.
    10. Cables.
    11. Lighting arrester.
    12. Ac/Dc power supplies.
    13. Mobile DG services.
    14. SMPS.
    15. Other electrical elements.