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SMPS Modules & Power Management System Maintenance

Sys infra offers intelligent Integrated Power Management Systems that improve the reliability of the electrical distribution system, thereby increasing the overall operational and financial efficiency of the business. IPMS from sysinfra are specifically designed to provide unique and intelligent power distribution by integrating SMPS and PMU. The intelligent IPMS coordinates between the sources of available energy like battery, grid or DG and keeps the loads powered 24/7. This high technology equipment takes care of the changing conditions in all kinds of applications. sysinfra customizes the IPMS enclosures according to the customers’ requirements, as optimization of the space is an important factor. Efficient space management is done with a thorough understanding of the system capacity and the battery banks. A suitable thermal management system within the IPMS monitors the heat load and dissipates excess heat. It has an inbuilt AC and DC power management system. This equipment cleverly reduces the application of large rating line condition. IPMS from sysinfra is designed for 1, 2 and 3 Phase input power applications to withstand wide voltage variations. An inbuilt SMPS manages the wide range of voltages for DC load with high efficiency.